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Twigs™ Bars (Paleo, Vegan)

Twigs™ Bars (Paleo, Vegan)

(Originally published on 24 Nov 2015 at

Do you miss candy bars? Or maybe you want a whole food dessert that is reminiscent of an old favorite, you know, the ones with a shortbread cookie and a caramel layer dipped in chocolate.

At my house we call my version Twigs™  where the Mini-Foodies, as well as the parents, really enjoy them and I don't worry about them enjoying them because they are made from REAL food!

Shortbread: Step 1
Use my Paleo Graham Crackers. Score them into the desired shape for the candy bars.

Caramel: Step 2
Use a safe-for-you caramel. For the pictured example, I used equal parts date & cashew caramel. Soak dates  (until soft)& cashews (overnight).  Pulse in food processor until smooth. Top shortbread with caramel.

Chocolate: Step 3
Melt or make a safe -or-you chocolate. Top caramel layer. Alternatively, the candy bars can be dipped in melted chocolate. While I really enjoy a well dipped candy, it is labor intensive and, since we all enjoy rustic food in my home, I went with the rustic approach by using the topping method.

I want to thank my beautiful cousin Debora Anderson for taking the photo. Check her work out at "Debora Anderson Photography" on Facebook.

Twigs Bars (Paleo, Vegan). Photo by Debora Anderson Photography.

Twigs™ Bars

(paleo, vegan)

Photos by Debora Anderson Photography

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