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Hola - Salut!


Many call me Mena, but I am also known as "Corn-Free Hippie" & Profa Mena.

I am a holistically minded mama raising Mini-Foodies with various food allergies; a polyglot professor interested in culture & its history; a translator & writer; a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader & an artsy foodie living & thriving with Celiac & food allergies.

My approach to life is greatly influenced by an idea based on what my mother used to say: "With one’s health, one has everything."  And so I have come to believe that with Saúde (health) one can cultivate Paz (peace) & Amor (love) thereby living what I call "The S.P.A. Life."

Here at LiveFreeAndThrive.space you will find recipes that are free of: gluten, corn, dairy, legumes, soy, & walnuts. Recipes are labeled as paleo, vegan, plant-based, AIP, SCD, low FODMAP & / or pescatarian for your convenience. While not all labels will apply to each recipe, there will often be an intersection of these eating styles.

In 2015, I started my former blog "CornFreeHippie.com" where I recorded & shared recipes that I had created or revamped in order to fit my household's dietary needs. At the time, those needs consisted of my own corn allergy & that of my eldest Mini-Foodie; an intolerance to gluten shared by my two eldest Mini-Foodies & myself; as well as intolerances / allergies to walnuts, dairy & legumes. As anyone with a corn allergy or intolerance knows, it is a tremendous task to avoid the ever-present offender & so my goal was to offer recipes for others in a similar situation. I later learned that I have Celiac disease & do best on a grain free dietary approach & so my online presence has evolved as have my goals. I now strive to offer corn allergy & Celiac-friendly recipes, reviews of products corn-free celiacs can consume, & resources for the Celiac & allergy communities.  I also offer a line of products & services described on our "Welcome" page.

Coming soon will be our “Kid's Corner” section which was conceived when I proposed to Mini-Foodie A a home-school project that would incorporate math, reading (in the form of research), the writing process, & social science with a goal in mind. As a professor & homeschooling mama of children with food allergies, my goal is to approach school materials in a holistic manner optimizing each child’s learning style while incorporating their interests & preparing them to face the world independently & positively with their food challenges. In this section we will be including kid-friendly recipes, personal care product info, & fabric arts subjects all with the corn-allergic & food allergy kiddo in mind. Please come back soon with your kiddo to enjoy our “Kid’s Corner”.

Thank you for stopping by & welcome to a space where I will share musings regarding life with Celiac & food allergies with the aim of thriving & helping you & our home-schooled Mini-Foodies experience seasonal celebrations in a safe environment with other food allergic & non-allergic friends.

Saúde, Paz, Amor!