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Kid's Corner Coming Soon

Kid's Corner Coming Soon

Welcome to the Kid’s Corner of!

This section is under construction and we hope to have our first posts ready for you soon.

The concept of “Kid’s Corner” was born in the fall of 2018 when I proposed to Mini-Foodie A a home-school project that would incorporate math, reading (in the form of research), the writing process, & social science with a goal in mind. As a professor & homeschooling mama of children with food allergies, my goal is to approach education in a holistic manner optimizing each student’s learning style while incorporating their interests & preparing them to face the world independently & positively with their food challenges.

Mini-Foodie A is our eldest & was our introduction into the food allergy world. She was born a at a hearty weight & healthy length being in the 75th percentile. For our family, growth charts are a tool we use to follow each child’s unique growth curve. This technique proved useful when Mini-Foodie A began to exhibit signs of being ill & not thriving. By her second month, not only was our baby girl living with symptoms similar to colic, but she also had rashes & other signs of allergy. It took over five months to pinpoint which allergies where causing her to be so ill & when we did, we learned about the corn allergy as well a handful of others from which she suffers. MIni-Foodie A is now a “tween” & has not outgrown the corn allergy among others, so she has lived life with a different perspective from her peers from the get-go.

Our approach to life is to face our food challenges with creativity & in a positive manner while accepting that almost everything we consume is made from scratch & free from our household’s allergens. Yes, it is challenging, but all four of our girls appreciate healthy food, intense flavors, & the process of bringing nutrition to the table. Often our kiddos request lessons centered around topics such as biology & nutrition or chemistry & food / cooking as well as the history of personal care products & textiles as related to food & allergy. Because of the latter & the fact that I felt like a dentist pulling teeth from little alligators without anesthetic when it came to having Mini-Foodies A & M tackle the writing process, I proposed the Kid’s Corner project.

The girls were so excited and started a project list and so we will be including kid-friendly recipes, personal care product info & fabric arts subjects all with the corn-allergic & food allergy kiddo in mind. Items on the list include:

-An attempt at Nail Polish

-Whoopie Pie (free from gluten, corn, dairy, eggs, legumes, walnuts - Paleo & plant-based)

-Coffee Cake (free from gluten, corn, dairy, eggs, legumes, walnuts - Paleo & plant-based)

-Sugar Cookie (free from gluten, corn, dairy, eggs, legumes, walnuts - Paleo & plant-based

-Hot Cacao Ice Cream (free from gluten, corn, dairy, eggs, legumes, walnuts - Paleo & plant-based)

-Felt Needle Book

All posts will include history or background on the given topic for content.