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Torta de Laranja / Orange Pinwheel, custard version (Paleo)

Torta de Laranja / Orange Pinwheel, custard version (Paleo)

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I grew up with my Mãe often having a torta filled with a jam in our cake stand. I remember it being a cake-style roll with granulated sugar on the outside and a fruity jam in the inside. It was of course a treat made with gluten and so in order to have recapture this comfort food, I developed recipe that is egg-based and is flavored with orange.  Below I also offer flavor and filling variations to the recipe. 


8 eggs
1 cup coconut sugar
1 orange, zest & juice
1 Tbsp. palm shortening


Preheat oven to 375ºF. In a bowl, beat eggs with coconut sugar until mixture thickens.

Melt shortening in a pan on stove-top. Add melted shortening, orange zest & juice to egg/sugar mixture.

Grease a 13.5''x 9.5'' jelly roll pan (if you have a smaller pan, do not use all the mixture, to prevent breaking the role when folding; roll should be about 1/2'' thick). Place parchment paper on pan & grease with shortening.

Place mixture in pan. Bake for 20 minutes.

Sprinkle some sugar on top of a clean kitchen towel. (Or skip the extra sugar). Turn baked roll onto kitchen towel (without letting it cool down).

Remove parchment paper. Use a safe-for-you filling such as royal icing or jam inside the torta/pinwheel/roll by spreading it on the side where parchment paper was. Start on narrower side of roll. Roll aided by kitchen towel. Touching the roll is avoided as the towel does the work. Once cooled, slice roll.

          Cinnamon Roll Variation

Omit orange or leave in for a yummy citrus treat.
Make coconut sugar & cinnamon filling by mixing the latter in coconut oil or palm shortening to desired taste & consistency. Place filling on dough. Roll & cut into slices of desired thickness.

          Strawberries & Cream variation

Omit or leave in orange as desired.
Whip coconut cream with vanilla powder & sugar.
Line torta/pinwheel with cream filling.
Top with sliced strawberries.
Roll. Slice & serve.

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