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The Corn-Free Hippie's Top 9 Kitchen Toys Plus 1 Dream Toy

(Originally published on January 3, 2016 at:

In the Corn-Free Community we often ask one another which kitchen gadgets or appliances are necessary to a life with our allergy. Below I’ve complied a list that works for my family…

1. Blendtec High Speed Blender
We’ve all read a blog post or an article or viewed a video that compares high speed blenders, right? Ok, I did all three because these puppies are a serious investment and I decided that the Blendtec was the right choice for my Corn-Free Foodie Family. “Why?” -you ask. What a great question!  (A) No sharp blade for easy cleaning.  This means that my clumsy self never gets a cut from the blender and that is sweet culinary victory! Plus when Mini Foodie 1 needs to help with clean up this Mama Foodie doesn’t worry. (B) Super powerful…yep, it’s so strong that I often have to hold the lid. Some reviewers see this as a problem, but not me because I don’t think anyone should walk away from any blender while it is on and did I mention how smooth smoothies are with all the power? (C) it has a clean cycle, enough said. (D) It’s great for heavy use for nut and seed milks. (E) In a corn-free and gluten-free house, this appliance earns it’s keep daily.

2. Cuisinart 9-Cup Food Processor  

Along with the Blendtec, this appliance is a life savor. It cuts time on food prep, makes smooth nut or seed butters, grinding flours, and works hard in raw cooking.

3. KitchenAid Stand Mixer 
This appliance may not get a workout everyday, but when it does, it gets the job done quickly. Ways I use it include whipping up marshmallows, meringue, chocoholic treats, and personal care products.

4. Stainless Steel Pots & PansStainless Steel WokStainless Steel Bakeware
These are long lasting and non toxic. Sure they need plenty of oil, but our brains need fat from good oils such as avocado and coconut oil so be generous when cooking. They are a pain in the arse to clean at times, but nothing a good soak in the sink won’t clear up.

5. Cuisinart Stainless Steel Electric Tea Kettle  
This is a splurge item, but it is handy and non-toxic. It’s perfect when you want to heat a little water for a recipe because there is a minimum use level so it’s the perfect reminder to slow down and have a cup of tea.

6. Crock Pot Slow Cooker
This kitchen toy is versatile and comes in many varieties. I happen to have more than I can count because I am including in this category my Chocolate melting pots. My favorite are those with a removable ceramic pot as they are the easiest to clean. Having different settings is an added bonus. The slow cookers get to work in my kitchen making: oatmeal breakfast while I sleep, stews while I work, Dulce de leche while I dream of the sweet confection as well as to melt chocolate when I make my confections to share.

6a. Instant Pot

When I first penned this article, I knew about the Instant Pot, but only vaguely and I had resisted buying one because I grew up hearing the aweful sounds of my mom's stovetop pressure cooker and my grandfather had had a serious burn due to his own. But then my dear friend told me about how cook the electric version is and that it is a whole new culinary world  with this machine. I thought about it and because I was aware of Thanksgiving sales on Amazon, Foodie-In-Crime and I decided that in 2016 it was a needed addition to our temporary kitchen. WHOA NELLY! That one purchase made a huge difference in our lives and was worth EVERY penny. We use this appliance daily for everything from oatmeal to soups to stews to boiled eggs and on and on. My favorite though is that I can make a meal out of frozen grass-fed ground beef with vegetables with a cook time of 15 minutes without having to defrost the meat.

7. Tortilla Press  & Cast Iron Comal (griddle for tortillas/flat bread).
I use the press not only for tortillas and flatbreads, but also for cookies that are supposed to be rolled out & the cut out. I’m no master of the rolling pin & I don’t own one. I consider it a creative win-win: make a ball, flatten the cookie dough, use a cookie cutter and Voilà…a cookie short cut that doesn’t require too much counter space or extra flour on the surface.

The comal is great for flatbreads as well as pancakes.

8. Bread Machine  
When I used to eat gluten and before my corn-free days, this was a life savor because who likes to knead bread anyway? Okay maybe it’s fun, but what Corn-Free Hippie has the time for kneading 5 lbs of bread like Mãe used to? And who wants to eat that much bread? Not this one. So when I discovered a paleo bread machine recipe, I rediscovered my enjoyment of bread as did my Foodie in Crime and our Mini Foodies.

9. Cuisinart Duo Ice Cream Maker  
Cuz who doesn’t like ice cream? Plus this baby make s 2 flavors at once!!! Perfect for an at home summer treat.

And the extra toy is a Excalibur all stainless steel dehydrator with glass doors dehydrator. I don’t own one at the time of publishing this post as the one I have my eye one is all stainless steel and quite large, not to mention pricey, but when day when I have my dream kitchen, it will include a dehydrator so I can make everything from dried fruit to veggie chips to beef jerky.

I hope you liked my top kitchen toys list. Please leave a comment letting me know what your favorite itches toys are.

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